After we got some orders of merchandise, that doesn't exist anymore (sorry again to everybody concerned) we finally updated the MERCHANDISE Tab.
In that regard we discovered, that there is only ONE green "stable relationship" shirt left (size medium) and only two medium of "me so Mutard". So if you're of medium body height you better be quick.

Furthermore we have to inform you guys, that the limited red border patch is sold out.
And we adjusted the price of our EPs to 5€ (which is an insane 37,5% discount) which we were charged on the last few gigs we played.

Now enough of this salesman jabber. Let's enjoy some cold beer in this goddamn heat! Cheers


After we suffered some serious liver-damage at Majáles Hardcore we gladly will return to the Czech Republic on september 14th for KAFEST.

It will be one hell of a crossover banger. Big thanks to Michal for inviting us and giving us the opportunity to celebrate with such amazing czech and slovakian bands. Please make sure to check all of them out and (of course) if you're from the area: BE THERE!!!

For more infos check our LIVE tab.


It's an annual tradition to rock our hometown in march. This time it's on the 23th so save the date if you're from the area.

We invited our death/thrash friends from PROCESSOR and for the first time the alternative pop punker KOLOCLYPHIS.


Last time we depleted the beer in the TREFF 9 Location so hopefully this time we can achieve a similar boozy experience for everyone.

Here is the link to the Facebook-Event: CLICK HERE


Seems like we totally forgot to promote this sick concert here on our site:
Majáles Hardcore II
We're totally stoked and honored to play this open air in Czech Republic on may 10th / 11th. Look at this sweet line-up here. It'll be a celebration of Metal, Hardcore and Punk. We are very looking forward to meet some fine fellow underground bands, who we follow for a long time but haven't had the chance to share the stage with.
Join us on this one!


We have new merch in stock. Since our "stable relationship"-shirt is very popular but a lot of you metal guys don't like colours too much, so we decided to print a variation of the design.

This will be an exclusive print for everybody at Sticky Fingers Festival so the rest of you guys have to wait until august 5th.


We are extremely happy and proud to be part of the STICKY FINGERS FESTIVAL 2018. As you can see on the right (or through the link) the line-up is filled with awesome bands from all kinds of metal genres. It will be a beer-soaked weekend (august 3rd / 4th)  and we will terrorize the camping ground, too. So if you're from the area or the Czech Republic we would love to drink and hang with all of you crazy people!

Additionally we will come back to the Matrix Club in Königsbrunn/Augsburg to join the mighty TOXIC WALTZ and old school thrashers Psycho Mania on september 29th (there's no proper flyer yet).

So head on over to our LIVE TAB for further details for these events.

31.01.2018: Inhuman inebriation on Bandcamp

Since we had technical issues uploading the tracks on bandcamp on several occasions, we finally managed to make our EP "Inhuman Inebriation" available for you guys.
So check the link and go listen (or buy) the crap out of that tune!


12.01.2018: NEW GIG

On march 3rd we'll play our "hometown" once again.

Together with Lindau's Punk Rock Trio FIRE ANTS FROM URANUS and Hardcore steam hammer MINUS YOUTH there won't be anything left of Heidenheim.


For further details (resp. the facebook event) head over to our LIVE tab and miss nothing.

05.01.2018: NEW REVIEW

In the past we didn't mention reviews on this site. Maybe in the future we'll add a tab for press commentaries (or the like). But for now:

Polish new metal zine "In the Pit" did a review on our EP "Inhuman Inebriation". If you're able of speaking polish, you can read the whole thing HERE.

As you can see on the left, they gave us 76%. I interpreted, what Google Translate spit out, which (roughly) says that the songs are "fast, strong [...] shots in the face". They do not try to play technically sophisticated music but produce rapid, simple, immature and fun thrash. So they succeeded in what they wanted to achieve. "It is simply good, new wave, heavier thrash". For fans of Municipal Waste and Iron Reagan. It's above average and definitely worth checking out but no revelation. Maybe the debut full length album will bring something more to the table.

Our statement:
Adrian of "In the Pit" understood that it isn't our goal to lure you in with 7 minute technical thrash operas. Straight in your face, fast crossover to drink some beers, mosh and have a good time. Too often bands simply try too hard and fail miserably. Like Lich King said "metal's supposed to be fun". Let's just keep it that way.

So thanks for this review. Somehow people from slavic countries like poland or czech republic have an increased interest in our music. Which we really do appreciate. Cheers!


The one who is reading this right now, is super stupid iiiihihihihhihihi

18.12.2017: NEW GIG

It's been kinda quiet around Mutard lately. We had a fair bit of recovery to do after the awesome concert and intense drinking at Metalfest Niederlamitz.


In the meantime we spent some time and all our cash we earned this whole year on some rehearsal room upgrades so we hope to present a much tighter Mutard to you guys in 2018.

Speaking of 2018: we are working on some live dates, we can't share with you, yet. But here's the first gig announcement for the coming year. 
On march 17th there will be some thrashing going on with the 7th edition of Thrashnobyl at Augsburg's Ballonfabrik with international bands like BIO-CANCERADVERSOR and the german prog Thrashers of RUNNING DEATH.
For more infos and band-links check the facebook event, linked at our LIVE tab.

More live dates will be announced here and of course on our FACEBOOK site. Stay tuned!

18.10.2017: NEW PATCHES

Today we can offer you brand new AWESOME high quality (!) woven patches. There are 3 borders available (45x yellow / 45x black / 30x red). 
Check our MERCH tab or grab one at the merch booth at one of our shows! NOW

09.10.2017: INTERVIEW

Last week Kim and Thilo did a little interview with Dave Softee of Metal Messiah Radio you can tune in live or check out the final podcast on YouTube HERE.
It was national holiday in germany so the two Mutards got a little bit drunk in the end. Enjoy.

02.10.2017: NEW GIG

On October 28th we'll f*** s*** up once again in bavaria. The Niederlamitz Metalfest 2017 will feature us along with awesome thrash maniacs from Berlin SPACE CHASER, our friends HATEFUL AGONY and Coverband Garage Inc. Check our tab "LIVE" for more infos and the facebook event.


Since we sold all our white "Inhuman Inebriation"-EP shirts, we listened to YOU guys and did a reprint of one of the most notorious design: "stable relationship". AND because some of you don't like white shirts (because it's hard to get all the beer-stains out) we did a new, simple black desgin "me so Mutard - me thrash you long time".

Grab yours NOW. Just hit us up or come to our shows (well at least after the summer break). Check the MERCH tab for more infos!



They're baaaack!

After the overwhelming demand for the first batch of fliphats (sold out in under 48 hours!!!!!!) we ordered some new ones for you guys!
Head over to the MERCH tab to find out more and/or place your order.


On july 8th we'll support the crossover veterans RATOS DE PORAO from brazil. It's a big honour for us to open for such legendary pioneers. We are very stoked because it will be the first (hopefully not last) time we play at the Backstage Munich. We've seen so many great bands there and now we are a part of it, too. And the icing on the cake is that the fact that our buddies and fellow thrashers of Hateful Agony will be the second support act that night.
So if you're into crossover and/or thrash metal and/or hardcore punk and/or good music and/or fun and/or beer THIS will be a hell of a night for you. Make sure to be there early we hit the stage at 8pm. Check our "LIVE" tab for the facebook-event and further information.

See y'all


We filmed some material on the Metalheadz Open Air camping ground, sped it up and cut it into a crossover thrash metal masterpiece of shit!

08.06.2017: Summer-gigs

We have 4 last gigs (so far) before we head into the summer-break. Check out our "LIVE"-tab for the exact dates and facebook-events. The next one will be the SaufSide II with AntiPeeWee, Moros & Beerslayer. Really looking forward to this one. Another nice gig will be on July 06th in Stuttgart with the allmighty Insanity Alert. This will be a Crossover-Thrash party like never before.


Our little hiatus over the summer months won't be wasted with excessive drinking (well... not all of it). We will start practicing the first few songs for our planned debut full-length album which will be released sometime in late 2018 I guess. So be patient and watch the news-section because there will be new merch-supplies of a fan-favourite ;) 

10.05.2017: NEW MERCH - FLIPHATS

We have new merchandise available for you mutarded dudes! Fliphats! Order them via facebook or email and show, that you're 2drunk!

UPDATE 12.05.2017: After just 48 hours we're completely sold out! That is just insane. We thank everyone, who ordered online and of course all the people who showed up at the merch booth at METALHEADS OPEN AIR and bought our stuff!
Maybe we'll do another print of the fliphats so you can grab one before we head into our summer hiatus!

19.04.2017: metalheadz open air 2017

Big news over here: we're going to play the Bavarian Metalheadz Open Air 2017.

This is huge to us and we're very excited to share the stage with fellow thrashers GAME OVER, CRISIX and NATIONAL SUICIDE. We will open up the festival on 12:15 a.m. so be there early. Afterwards you can find us on the camping ground or at the merch booth selling our stuff.
Sadly, the festival is sold out but to those, who were lucky enough to score a ticket: we will party you right in the butts!


For further information check the official festival site here:


As a little bonus we will record some footage of people drinking and partying with us with our Action-Cam and compile it into an official video for our song Too Drunk To Drink from our EP Inhuman Inebriation. Stay tuned! 

01.04.2017: New Homepage

To be honest: we have no clue about coding and don't know smart enough people to do it for us. Since our last provider just vanished into nothingness we created a whole new homepage with another random "homepages for dummies"-host.


We hope you like the new design. If not, click here


You should definitely follow us on facebook because we'll post stuff there more frequently than on this site.


You can finally put your hands on our newest output: Inhuman Inebriation. We are very pleased how everything turned out. A big 'thank you' to everybody who preordered the EP. Those lucky bastards grabbed our 'Skater' patch for free with every ordered copy of Inhuman Inebriation.
We here at Mutard© are looking forward to the release party tonight. Check the facebook event here and come out early so you won't miss Godmachine and Beerhammer


YES! This will happen. We are very happy/proud/wet/excited to announce that we just got confirmed for 2 shows with INSANITY ALERT this spring / summer. 

We'd say this is the perfect match. Crossover thrashers unite!

Check our LIVE tab for the facebook events and don't you dare sit at home on april 1st / july 6th!


If you want to contact us, book us, order something or just say 'hi' please visit our facebook-page and send us a message. We're the most active there and can guarantee the quickest response this way.


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